CEM Professional Every Time

We at CEM strive to provide the best support possible to our clients. We are primarily a Managed Service Provider and since we charge per user and not per hour or per device, our goal is the implement the most efficient and stable environment possible for our clients.

We are very transparent about our business model. We keep our costs low by working to make your environment as efficient as possible. The fewer IT issues your company has the higher our profit margins and the better your business runs. Unlike other Managed service providers, our goal isn’t to try and bid your contract for your business based on how many hours it currently takes to support, we bid your contact based on how smoothly we can make your IT environment work, after we invest a significant amount of time improving it. We at CEM do not have large sales or marketing departments. We don’t have sales quota’s that are required to be met. We feel that these things don’t fit with what an Managed Service Provider should be. The vast majority of our income comes from monthly service contracts. This means we are always pushing ourselves to make your IT environment work better for you. We want to build a partnership with our customers that is mutually beneficial.

Our reputation and name is our marketing team.