We at CEM have implemented countless projects and solutions for customers. References are always available. We have  included a few projects that we have completed.


Product / Remote Desktop Services

200 User RDS Implementation

RDS is a fantastic way to decrease the management time for your network as well as decrease hardware cost. At CEM we have been implementing RDS since the days of server 2003 and it has come a long way since then. Recently we implemented an RDS environment for around 200 users in a financial environment converting them from full workstations to RDS Full Desktop and RDS Remote App Hybrid. This project was completed over several months. Taking groups of users and testing their applications within RDS, and coordinating changes with vendors. Users were moved away from desktops to thin clients which are cheaper and easier to manage.

After the conversion the amount of hours required to support the end users and their applications dropped in half. Applications only had to be updated on the RDS server instead of 200 workstations. Users who were struggling on older workstations waiting for replacement now have the same experience as user on newer machines.

All users can now work from any machine at any location and have the same consistent experience.


Product / Office 365 Cloud Solution

Office 365 Email, Sharepoint and Onedrive

In this project, we migrated all of the clients email, and file storage to office 365. We imported all the existing email into office 365 and setup spam filtering as well as delegating and training and internal administrator to allow them to add, remove and modify users.

We also migrated all of the companies shared files to sharepoint and their individual files to OneDrive. Eliminating the risk of file loss from a local sters.

All of the clients core data was moved into the cloud. And although Microsoft does a rudimentary backup of email, SharePoint and Onedrive. It has limitations and is not up to our standards when it comes to backup and retention. We implemented a cloud backup solution that backs up their cloud data in the event of accidental data loss or infection ensuring that the clients data is safe. All of this was done in a seamless manor without any impact or downtime for the client.


Product / Network Upgrades.

Hotel Guest Wireless and Secure Business Network Setups

In this project we took on a network that had various issues. the guest wireless system was outdated and coverage was insufficient. the wiring was also very old and starting to fail. There was also a very large security concern. The business network on which the office and concierge desk was not separated from the guest network or behind a firewall. The previous IT vendor had been very lax about security.  there were also issues where guests were using all the bandwidth and the hotel could not access their check in system.

Network Separation and Security.

The first thing we did was to separate the guest and business networks. We implemented a firewall and separated the networks via VLAN's and 2 public IP's from the ISP. Making each network have its own connection to the ISP.

Once the Business network was separated and behind a new firewall we began the work on the guest network. We replaced all the wiring and pulled out the old wireless AP's. Some custom conduit work was required and Outdoor AP's were users where no other option was available. We setup the new Ubiquity wireless system with guest control and limited each guest max bandwidth usage to 4mbps, we also setup a custom terms and service page. We also set a limit on the router so that the guests could only use 75% of the total bandwidth guaranteeing that the front desk would always have access to their system.

We monitor and manage the wireless system as well as take calls from end user support.