Although our primary offering is managed service contracts. We also implement new solutions to improve your business. We can implement these for you whether we are supporting your network or you have internal IT staff. We are not only experts in the implementation and management of these solutions we can also train your IT staff to manage them after we Install them and will always be available to assist if the need arises. Our goal is always to improve the performance and decrease the management time of your IT environment. Our solutions are always designed with this in mind, and every solution is custom tailored to your business. Below our just a few of the solutions we offer.

Cloud Services

CEM can provide secure cloud solutions for any business. From systems as simple as Office 365 and cloud backup to complete cloud hosted solutions including Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. Cloud isn’t right for every business and we work with our customers to determine if a cloud solution is viable and cost effective. And to make your cloud environment as fast and secure as a local environment while utilizing the benefits that cloud offers. Cloud solutions are not hardware dependent and allow you to expand your business and allow your employees to work from any location. Providing a solution that is resilient and will allow your business to keep running throughout disasters. We have worked in both financial and Medical industries keeping security at the forefront of our designs.

Server and Storage

Cloud solutions are often not a good fit or are cost prohibitive for business’s, we also provide onsite server and storage projects. From as simple as upgrading your storage infrastructure to building a complete new environment for your business, CEM has the skill and experience to not only replace your aging systems, but to innovate a new solution that is more efficient and redundant. Our mantra is that very new environment should improve upon the last. Often IT companies come sell a cookie cutter solution and replace systems with the goal of doing it as quickly as they can and getting paid. Before we recommend a solution, we do an in-depth analysis of your systems, gathering data on not only what solution is needed to support your applications, but also working with your vendors and end users to determine what problems can be resolved and what improvements can be made. Every solution is custom designed for your business. We go above and beyond building a new infrastructure, we work with your vendors and internal resources to migrate your existing applications and data from your old environment to the new. All our projects include time to work with users and vendors on issues that may pop up after the migration to ensure the transition to new systems is as smooth as possible.  Upgrades shouldn’t be something that causes you downtime and headache. We strive to make it a positive experience for all involved. Our name and reputation is our marketing team.

Security Auditing

Are you struggling with on exams or audits or are you looking for someone new to take care of your third part auditing? We at CEM have worked in financial and medical industries. Security is something we take seriously in every environment. We can perform an analysis of your network and not only tell you what security flaws exist with your environment but we also provide you with the solutions to those problems. This is what sets us apart from other IT auditing companies. Most 3rd party auditors will tell you what flaws exist. But they leave up to you to parse through the data and figure how to fix it. We go a step beyond. Every Audit we perform comes with a solution for each vulnerability that is found. We are versed in FDIC, HIPPA, FFIEC, and PCI compliance standards.

Remote Desktop Solutions

CEM specializes in Remote Desktop Solutions. Allowing us to create environment that is easier to manage, more resilient, and more cost effective that standard workstation environments. From 10 users to 10,000 we can implement a remote desktop solution custom tailored to your business and greatly decrease the management time required.

Some of the benefits of RDS are

  1. Deliver solutions to devices that may not have the processing power or capacity to run the applications natively. This allows you to not only spend less money on client machines but also to stretch out the life of the workstations and keep them in service for several years longer than usual without the user’s experience degrading as the hardware ages.
  2. You can implement a BYOD solution. Allowing users to work from their own devices from any location without compromising security.
  3. Deliver Windows based applications to iOS, Android, Windows and even thin client devices.
  4. Provide more compute resources to an application without having to upgrade everyone’s devices. This gives you the ability to reduce the cost of the end user devices knowing that when users need more compute power, the compute power can be associated with the actual workloads that need it.
  5. Data is stored within the RDS and Server environment. If an end user device fails, or is lost or stolen, your data remains safe.
  6. Configuration time is greatly reduced for new devices. Since the applications or desktop are delivered from the cloud and not are not stored on the local device, once a new device is setup, users can just reconnect to their remote apps or desktops and go back to work.
  7. Application upgrade times are greatly reduced as they only need to be upgraded on the RDS servers instead of several hundred workstations.
  8. Users working in remote locations do not see decreased performance and their experience will be just as fast as users working at your main location.

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